HDB Power of Attorney

HDB Power of Attorney

What is a Power of Attorney (POA)?

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a document that appoints a person to act on your behalf. The POA will outline elements such as the person who may act on your behalf, and the powers they may wield, such as executing certain documents, the power to sell a property etc.

In regards to an HDB flat, there are numerous situations where an HDB POA is required:

Build-to-Order (BTO) Flats

For BTO flats, there can be 3 main appointments in the process, these are:

  1. Selection of flat,
  2. The signing of the sales agreement, and
  3. Collection of keys

If a buyer of a BTO cannot attend to the 3 matters as mentioned above, he or she can appoint another person to do so. The appointment shall be made using an HDB POA.

Buying and selling of HDB flats

For buying and selling of HDB flats, the buyer is required to attend the signing of some relevant documents. The buyer can use an HDB POA to authorise another person to sign the relevant documents on his or her behalf. The relevant documents are as follows:

  1. Option to Purchase
  2. Agreement for Lease
  3. Deed of Assignment
  4. Lease-in-Escrow
  5. Mortgage-in-Escrow

How to get an HDB Power of Attorney?

There is a standard procedure to get an HDB POA and IRB Law LLP is well versed in providing this service at an affordable rate.

There are 3 main types of HDB POA:

  1. Purchase, Sub-letting and General Management
  2. Sale, Sub-letting and General Management
  3. Sub-letting and General Management

A lawyer will prepare the specific type of HDB POA that suits your needs. A person who wants to get an HDB POA shall provide the lawyer with the details as follows:

  1. The full name of the flat owner, as stated in their NRIC,
  2. The full name of the attorney, as stated in their NRIC, and
  3. The full address of the HDB flat in question.

The lawyer will draft the necessary document and witness the client’s signature. If the client went abroad, he or she is required to sign the necessary document before a notary public in the country that he or she resides, then courier the original document to the lawyer. Then the lawyer files the POA with the Supreme Court.

Lastly, after the POA is registered, one of the following documents shall be submitted to the HDB:

  1. Original Power of Attorney & 1 photocopy.
  2. A certified true copy from the High Court & 1 photocopy.
  3. 2 certified true copies of the POA by an Advocate and Solicitor.
  4. A letter from the solicitor confirming that the standard format for POA provided by HDB has been used.
  5. Certified true copy by an Advocate and Solicitor together with the computer printout with the High Court seal (this is needed in the case where POA has been registered through the Electronic Filing System).
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