Tips for Succeeding at Interview for a Legal Position in Singapore

Tips for Succeeding at Interview for a Legal Position in Singapore

We’ve seen it numerous times, an exciting prospect is due to attend an interview. Their CV looks great, good grades, and they sounded professional and friendly on the phone.

The interview is lined up for 3 pm. Not early, so the interviewee doesn’t have to get through the peak morning traffic. Two senior partners are looking forward to meeting the new prospect. They arrived promptly and sat down in the boardroom at 2.55 pm.

It’s now 3.04 pm and no sign of the interviewee.

The interviewers have been waiting 19 minutes when the interviewee arrives at 3.14 pm.

Are they likely to offer the interviewee a position at the firm?

It’s possible, however, it’s a tough ask.

Unless the interviewee has an exceptional excuse, the only conclusion that can be drawn is a lack of preparation.

Where are we going with this?

If you want a career in law, you must anticipate the worst-case scenario and make your preparations.

Singapore is a busy place. If you don’t want to be late for an interview, why not plan to arrive one hour early in the vicinity of the office.

Go grab a coffee over the road. Relax and mentally prepare yourself.

You should have prepared some answers to questions you may be asked. Just Google the subject and you’ll find lots of guidance.

Make sure you’re familiar with the firm and what they do. It’ll show you care about securing the position if you get asked questions about the firm and you can give your answers with precision.

You want nothing negative to be noticed before you start the interview.

In the very worst-case scenario, you want the interviewers to have no view having seen you at first glance. In the best case, you want them to be impressed by your appearance and professionalism.

  • So, you want to be punctual.
  • No excessive fragrance.
  • Professional attire that fits correctly.
  • Pressed clothing (never sit down with your jacket on before the interview. It creases the jacket).
  • Polished/clean shoes.

Yes, it all seems mighty obvious, yet so many legal candidates
fall at the first hurdle.

They arrive late, don’t look professional, or have no knowledge about the firm.

Remember, in law……… small things matter!

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