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IRB Law LLP is a well-established law firm based in Singapore. Our firm is made up of legal experts in a wide range of areas including Local and International Divorces, Family Law matters, Estate Law, Corporate & Commercial Law, Civil Disputes, Criminal Law (white and blue collar crimes), Litigation and Mediation.

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At IRB Law, not only are our lawyers proficient at will-writing, but we will also make the entire process as smooth and hassle-free for you as possible. Our wills are Convenient, Proffesionally Written, and Affordable.

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Why Do You Need A Will?

You Have Just Gotten Married

A will will allow you the luxury of choosing how to properly allocate your assets between your spouse, your children, and your parents and prevent family disagreements in your absence.

You Have Very Young Children

A Will lets you decide who the Guardian for your children is, and how they are taken care of. It will also enable you to properly divide your assets between your children.

You want to decide who inherits your assets

Not having a will automatically makes you intestate, which means your estate will be distributed according to the Intestate Succession Act, leaving you with no say over asset distribution.

Avoid A Lengthy Probate Process

Having a will speeds up the probate process and informs the court how you’d like your estate divided. When you die without a will, the court will decide how to divide estate, which can cause long, unnecessary delays.

Your Children Have Challenging Lifestyles

If you have children who have challenging lifestyles, having a will enables you to ensure your children are taken care for long durations if the will is structured properly.

You Decide Who Winds Up Your Estate.

Executors make sure all your affairs are in order, including paying off bills, canceling your credit cards, and notifying the bank and other parties.

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