Why choose IRB to handle your divorce?

Why choose IRB to handle your divorce?

You might be wondering; do I even need a lawyer to get a divorce? Technically, you don’t. At IRB, we understand that going through a divorce is an emotional time, and having a lawyer to advise you and handle the matter for you when you’re not feeling your best can be invaluable.

A lawyer can protect and insulate you from a difficult spouse, and take care of the legal and administrative aspects of a divorce, such as making sure you don’t enter a bad deal, attending Court and preparing documents.

So, if you’ve decided to get a lawyer, how do you decide which lawyer you should engage?


Part of a lawyer’s responsibility is to assess your case, good or bad. Beware of anyone promising you a sure thing. Also, beware of any lawyer who doesn’t ever disagree with you. You can rely on our lawyers to advise on the strong, as well as more importantly the weak parts of your case.


Our experienced lawyers work in teams tirelessly to help you get what you want. We are never intimidated by fancy suits and luxurious offices, because we know that presenting our clients’ best case comes from old-fashioned hard work and preparation, not expensive real estate.

The accumulated knowledge and experience of our team of specialists will ensure that you will have the best representation.


No single lawyer can be on call all the time, but a team can. IRB has one of the largest family law practices in Singapore. Our large team enables us to respond quickly to your queries so that you are never alone in your time of need.


You want your lawyer to act in your best interest, and not just to line his or her pocket. One of the best ways to figure this out is to see if there is transparency in fees. Some lawyers advertise a low rate to entice you to engage them, only to find out later that there were many hidden fees. IRB quotes reasonable nett rates which are inclusive of tax and disbursements, so you always know exactly how much you must pay, before you make any payment.

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