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Existing to safeguard the fruits of mental labour, Intellectual Property law consists of securing and enforcing the rights to one’s designs, inventions, and artistic works. This usually spans over 3 main categories – patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Generally speaking, patents protect tangible inventions, copyrights protect written and artistic expressions, while trademarks protect a name or symbol that forms the identity of a good or service. Do you need help with protecting your creations? We’re ready to understand your needs so that we can safeguard your interests.


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Patents, Trademarks and Copyright

Need help with protecting your creation? We’re here to provide advice and help you identify the value of your invention, regardless of what industry you’re in. Be it technology, software, systems, or designs, our lawyers will help you identify the value of your creation. We’ll guide you through the confusing process of consumer and product regulations, as well as media and advertising law. Let us do the heavy lifting in terms of conducting IP audits, preparing IP agreements, and IP registration.

Litigation and Enforcement

Do you suspect that your intellectual property is being violated, or are you involved in a dispute regarding your works? With Internet piracy being all too prevalent, it is only natural that there has been an increase in copyright infringements. Talk to us – our team is experienced with enforcing IPs and resolving IP disputes. We’ll protect your confidential information while providing urgent interim relief such as injunctions and asset-freezing orders.

Commercialization and Licensing

We’re always happy to help businesses commercialize their innovations. Our lawyers are trained to cover the full spectrum of IP commercialisation and licensing across businesses focusing on Information Technology, Life Sciences, and Media & Entertainment. Not sure if you need help with commercializing your creations? If you’re considering a joint venture, franchising your business, publicizing your creative work, licensing your software, or transferring your technology, reach out to us so we can help you protect your creations.

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