Kannan Nadarajan

Kannan Nadarajan

Associate, Advocate & Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore

Areas of Practice
Family Matters
Pre-Nuptial Agreements
Divorce – Contested and Uncontested
Maintenance Applications
Division of Matrimonial Property and Assets
Custody and Child Support
Personal Protection Orders
Inheritance Matter
Estate Planning
Drafting Wills
Setting Up Trusts
Probate and Administration
Lasting Power of Attorney
Applications under Mental Capacity Act
Guardianship of Infants
Civil and Commercial Litigation
Breach of Contract
Consumer Complaints and Sale of Goods
Bankruptcy and Insolvency
Debt Recovery
Landlord-Tenant Disputes
Personal Injury Claims
Employment Disputes
Contract Drafting
Contract Review
Sale of Goods Contracts
Employment Contracts
Distribution and Licensing Agreements
Criminal Litigation
Protection from Harassment Orders

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On behalf of my sister, Rosesita, I would like to convey my utmost gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Kannan Nadarajan and his assistant, Fauziah. This team patiently explained to my only Secondary 2 educated sister, so that she understood her case from all angles before proceedings. And in court, Mr. Kannan made sure that her interests was well taken care of and attained the best possible result. 100% RECOMMENDED. Thank you, IRB Mr. Kannan and FauziahAbdul Rahman Mohamed Arifin, 26 April 2017
Mr Mohamed Baiross and his team, Mr Kannan Nadarajan and Ms Darshini Yoganathan, has helped my family in our times of need facing legal matters against two banks. During this period, my family suffered a lot of pain and stress. Their confidence and quality of work has motivated us to fight harder for our rights. They even worked over the weekend to discuss the fact and matters and did not want to charge me extra fees they had spent. From the bottom of our hearts, we are grateful for their understanding. My family and I are very appreciative for their kind assistance and compassion throughout the entire legal process. We strongly highly recommend anyone that is facing legal issues to engage their services. Once again, a huge thank you to Mr Baiross, Mr Kannan Nadarajan and Ms Darshini Yoganathan for all your faith, knowledge and determination to conclude my cases.Shirley Tan, 27 March 2017
I would like express my sincere gratitude to Mr Kannan for helping me deal with my law case. He is a dedicated and responsible professional lawyer, giving my family good advice when we did not have any direction. We are very grateful to him for understanding our financial situation and giving us his greatest support and maximizing his effort to assist us. Thank you IRB LAW AND Mr Kannan very much for your helping hand.Huay Cheng, 19 March 2017
Mr Kannan is very patient and able to provide me with a good legal advice on my debt recovery issue. He is responsive in his replies which is very important for me. Keep it up!Ron Ng, 13 March 2017
Mr Kannan is an excellent lawyer. My case is a kinda complicated and time consuming. Mr Kannan has been very patient with me and provided me with good advice and solutions. He handled my case well and proper with constant updates. After my first meeting with him, i can feel his sincerity and friendliness. Mr Kannan is a young lawyer with high professionalism. I am very impressed with Mr Kannan.Calvin Tab, 13 March 2017
At first, I went to I.R.B Law for legal advise on Annulment divorce with my China ex-spouse. He gave practical step-by-step advise to prove that this ex-spouse is running away from me so that I can prove to the judge. Knowing my situation, he did not charge me a consultation cost. He allowed me to pay the lawyer fees for Marriage Annulment by instalment and posted the final judgement true copy to me after the said 3 months final judgement documents. I really appreciate the services provided by him and the law firm.Isaac Zhong LongXiang, 4 March 2017
“My firm is small and cannot afford to lose money in terms of damages, so I was very worried when one of my ex-employees decided to sue us for unfair dismissal. I contacted I.R.B. Law and Mr Kannan agreed to represent us. He defended us to the best of his abilities despite the fact that we could not afford to pay much. He is a very professional lawyer who does his job regardless of his client.”Mr T. Yeoh
“Mr Kannan is a champion for us working-class folk. He stood up for me when I was sued by my ex-employer for breaching my employment contract, and took on my case even though he knew I was unable to pay him immediately. He reduced my legal fees out of compassion, but still provided me with a strong defence. He really is someone who stands up for justice, and I hope more people will consider engaging him as a lawyer.”Mr Wee O.G.
“I was very afraid of losing custody of my children when my wife contested the arrangements set out through mediation. I knew I needed legal help, so I engaged Kannan from IRB Law and he agreed to take up my case. He understood how I had contributed a lot to my children’s upbringing, and laid out all this evidence before the Court. He knows how to help his clients get the most favourable outcome.”Mr N.B. Walid
“Despite the fact that I was in dire financial circumstances after my injury, my insurance company refused to allow my claim. I then engaged Kannan and he was able to convince the company to allow me to claim without going to Court. Kannan spared no effort in this, even going down to the company personally to facilitate my claims. I can now heave a sigh of relief thanks to his hard work.”Ms D. Lingam
“My divorce turned out to be an emotionally-charged one as my ex-husband and I could not come to an agreement on many matters. I was therefore grateful to have engaged a tactful lawyer like Kannan to represent me in the divorce proceedings. He understood how I felt going through this episode, and ensured that I was comfortable with the pace of the proceedings.”Ms O. Wong
“Kannan helped me fight for visitation rights to my children when the court ruled that I was not fit to see them. He took up my appeal and understood that I was a changed man despite my past misdemeanours. He helped convince the court of my ability and willingness to take care of my children, and at the same time, personally helped assure my ex-wife and children of this as well. I am determined to make the best of this chance that Kannan has helped get for me and will properly fulfil my duties as a father.”Mr B. Singam
“Mr Kannan helped my family claim from our insurance company after our son passed away in a car accident. The fact that they refused to allow our claim was a slap in our faces given that we were still grieving over our son. Mr Kannan was patient and sympathised with us. He understood when we got emotional, but persevered to get crucial facts to help establish our case. We would like to thank him from the bottom of our hearts.”Mrs J. Humboldt
“My company terminated me without advance pay, and I suddenly was left jobless. I engaged Kannan to help me fight for my entitlement to this advance pay, and he managed to get the company to pay me without going to Court. He puts forth convincing arguments in a diplomatic manner, and this was how he was able to help me.”Ms E. Fong
“Mr Kannan is someone who refuses to charge more than he knows we can afford. When I lost my job, I approached Mr Kannan to help me settle an employment dispute between my ex-employer and me. I was initially very worried about the fees I would rack up, but Mr Kannan worked out a reasonable amount and payment plan. He also agreed to hold off payment until I found another job. What a kind lawyer!”Mr J. Toh
“My parents-in-law tried to obstruct the divorce proceedings in many ways, and that made it very difficult for us. Luckily, I had a diplomatic lawyer in Mr Kannan. He managed to convince my parents-in-law to allow the divorce proceedings to continue before things got ugly. I’m glad I had his help in averting an undesirable situation.” Mr Yong E.C.
“I had spent a lot of money investing in a business trip, and was keen to recover this amount at least partly. However, something unexpected happened and I was forced to cancel the trip, and my insurance company refused to pay. I therefore contacted Kannan, who was precise about details and used them to our advantage to build a favourable case for me. This close attention to details is what makes him such a great lawyer.”Ms M. Handison
“My decision to change my name caused considerable dispute between my parents and I. Therefore, on top of helping to do up my deed poll, Kannan from IRB Law went the extra mile to mediate between us. He helped to assure my parents that this change in name would not have any negative effect, even though this was beyond his job scope. He really does care for his clients!”Mr J.L. Tatum
“Instead of going straight to court, Kannan encouraged my husband and I to work out differences on how to split our assets amongst ourselves. He was completely honest when he said that this was to save us legal fees, and he even took time off to help mediate between us. Kannan is a good find as a lawyer!”Ms Chua Y.P.
“I am not highly educated, so I was very concerned about how to deal with a certain dispute with my employer. When I first went to IRB Law to meet Mr Kannan, I was pleasantly surprised at how he was able to communicate complicated legal matters in a layman fashion that even I could understand. I then decided to hire him to be my lawyer, and the dispute was resolved without much problem.”Mdm Goh B.C.
“There is no better family lawyer than Kannan from IRB Law! He is sensitive to the needs of children, and that is what makes him such a great family lawyer. When the judge awarded custody of my children to my wife, my daughter was initially apprehensive. Kannan got down to her level and help cajole her to live with my wife, thus sparing us another big headache.”Mr W. Quah

Kannan Nadarajan is an Associate at I.R.B. Law LLP.

He graduated from the University of Tasmania in 2013 and was admitted to the Supreme Court of Singapore as an Advocate and Solicitor in 2016. Kannan is also a proud alumnus of Temasek Polytechnic’s Diploma in Law and Management programme.

Kannan is motivated by his firm belief in the power of law to help every man and woman, regardless of their background. In the course of Kannan’s legal experience, he has gained significant exposure to all areas of community law practice, including criminal proceedings, personal injury claims, probate and inheritance matters, adoption, matrimonial and family law. He applies this knowledge to provide expert legal advice and representation to clients from all walks of life.

Kannan’s main area of interest and expertise is the practice of Family Law. Kannan has advised and represented clients across a wide range of family law issues, including divorce (including Syariah divorce), maintenance for children and wives, Personal Protection Orders, guardianship applications under the Guardianship of Infants Act, children’s custody, cross-border family disputes, and multinational marriages.

When it comes to divorce proceedings, Kannan advocates a collaborative approach to dispute resolution, especially when children are involved. He has successfully negotiated fair and workable divorce settlements for his clients. However, when called upon to fight for his clients’ interests, Kannan has also successfully argued and resolved contentious ancillary proceedings dealing with issues such as division of matrimonial property, children’s custody, and maintenance issues.

Kannan’s track record of success speaks for itself. A highly-recommended lawyer, Kannan has received overwhelming praise from his clients during his relatively short time with IRB Law. As his testimonials show, Kannan’s clients are consistently impressed with the high level of care and attention that he provides, as well as his professionalism and dedication to his clients. Approachable and friendly, he attends to each client personally and uses his extensive experience to find the best way forward for his client.

Kannan is of Indian-Chinese heritage and is bilingual in English and Mandarin.

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