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Proper criminal defense work begins even before the case is brought before the judge. Our legal team will negotiate with the prosecution to reduce, compound, or even drop your charges.  If your case goes to trial, our lawyers are ready and prepared to fight all the way to defend your innocence. We do not simply tell our clients to concede. Even if you have to plead guilty, we will ensure that your mitigation is done extremely well, resulting in a fair sentence for you.  Being charged with an offence can be a terrifying experience, a good lawyer will make all the difference. At IRB Law, you can be rest assured that we will get you the results you deserve. 

Testimonials From Our Grateful Clients

“After having the first consultation with Mr Baiross about my criminal conduct, I felt very comfortable..I knew i was making the right choice in engaging a good lawyer. Through their representations to the AG chambers, i was able to get off with a stern warning, and i am deeply remorseful and grateful to IRB Law for helping me out this time. Mr Baiross is truly an experienced criminal lawyer, and his team is very experienced and were confident of the outcome from day 1.”Mr Wee, Shop Theft - Section 380 Penal Code
“I am very thankful and grateful for the services that were given by Mr. Fazal, Mr Ashwin and Mr Baiross. They have really provided me with great support from the start of my case till the very end. Even after office hours when i Whatsapp Mr Baiross, he will take the time to reply me. I am at a loss for words but only God knows what a great lawyers they all are for helping me in my case. My thousand thanks to IRB Law i will never forget your help.”Mr J, Housebreaking & Theft by Night (Section 457 Penal Code)
“I place on record my appreciation to Mr. Baiross and his team of lawyers at IRB Law LLC for the good work you have done. When I was charged for helping an unlicenced moneylender my world collapsed. Mr Baiross met me privately and heard my side of the story, and believed me when no one else would. After 3 PTCs, the verdict was given by the court and i was given a $2000 fine. You saved me and my family and I am extremely grateful with the warning I was given. I will never do it again…”Miss Chan, Unlicenced Moneylending (Section 5(1) of the Moneylenders Act)
“At first when i first met him , he looked really strict & hard to talk to. But after talking to him , i felt confident that i can depend on him to deal my case. He was so understanding & patient. He took the effort to come down and meet me directly and liaise with me on my case details. Very efficient & as he promised he closed the case in 2 months time. This wouldn’t have been possible without a good lawyer. I will forever be thankful to Mr Baiross.”Nicholas M, Theft (Section 380 Penal Code)
“”No words can express enough my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Fazal and his team… From the day I was summoned to the police till today (when the case is still on-going), Mr. Fazal has given me much advice and encouragement beyond the capacity of a lawyer, more akin to a close friend. His endless patience and “never-say die” attitude were crucial to my case. When things seemed hopeless for me, Mr. Fazal was the only one who stood by me. Knowing my financial situation, he made his fee affordable. I will be forever grateful.”Mr J.T Drug Consumption (Misuse of Drugs Act))
“I would like to say a big thank you for the way my brothers case was handled… Mr. Baiross, Thanks for your patience with me especially in the beginning when things looked to be hopeless… Mr Ashwin, you always followed up and kept us in the loop at all times. For this we are very grateful”Mr. Bala, Dishonestly receiving stolen property (Section 411(1) of the Penal Code, Chapter 224)

Criminal Law In Singapore – Everything You Need To Know

Lawyers as third parties are better placed to assess your case objectively, in the same way that a judge will do so. Friends, family and least of all yourself will not be able to do this. For example, claiming trial when you are clearly guilty will result in a higher sentence than if you had pleaded guilty at the beginning.

Lawyers are familiar with the Criminal Procedure Code and will ensure that you are not prejudiced by a failure to follow the relevant rules during proceedings. It is a reality that advantages can be gained or lost by knowing the rules of the Court.

Contact Us if you're unsure, as each case is different. Our law firm does not charge for consultation with a lawyer

We believe that everyone should have access to a lawyer. Call us to discuss.

We do not guarantee that you will always only get a fine. Only a dishonest lawyer will do that. Every case is different, Call us to discuss, we offer free consultation for all criminal cases.

This will be influenced by the strategy that you eventually decide to adopt.Contact Us to arrange a free, non obligatory consultation with a criminal lawyer.

The first thing you should do after being released, is to find the nearest quiet place, and start rewriting your statement(use the notes app in your phone if you can't get access to pen and paper) Write it as closely as possible to the police statement, and take extra effort to recall the details. This will greatly help your lawyer in preparing your defense. Contact Us for a free consultation with a criminal lawyer about your case.

When speaking to the investigating officer(IO), remember that you have a right against self-incrimination. This means that you don’t have to say anything that might suggest that you are guilty of any crime. However, you do have to tell the police any other facts that you might know relating to the alleged crime. It is extremely important to remember that it is a criminal offence to lie to the police when giving your statement. While keeping quiet is not an offence, Singapore courts have traditionally taken silence as an indication of guilt. Even more importantly, if you lie in your statement, even about something small, and the police find any evidence that suggest you are lying, any court that tries you thereafter is likely to conclude that you are a liar and that nothing you have to say can be believed. Your chances of being acquitted then are extremely slim. The safest thing you can do is to speak to a criminal lawyer before OR after making any police statement, it will greatly help your case.

If you’ve been charged in court with a crime, you are almost certainly best served by getting a criminal defense lawyer, especially when there is the possibility of going to jail. The alternative to hiring a criminal defense lawyer — is representing yourself in court. There is little chance that you will possess the legal knowledge, or the emotional stability to handle your own case. Getting a lawyer will benefit your case greatly, and, in most cases, get you a better verdict in court. Worried about the cost of getting a lawyer? We offer free consultation for all criminal cases. Contact Us to book an appointment to see a criminal defense lawyer.

More often than not, the prosecution does not want to go into a lengthy trial, and will offer you an opportunity to plead guilty in exchange for a lesser charge. This can mean spending much less time in prison, or even saving your life. Before you accept any offer from the prosecution, it's best to consult with a criminal lawyer, who will view the merits of your case, and advise you accordingly. Book a free consultation with a top criminal lawyer to get advised on your case.

A mitigation plea is a submission of facts and law to the Court for a lower sentence. The mitigation plea should not be focused only on the offender’s mitigation factors, but also to assist the Court in finding the most appropriate sentence. A criminal lawyer help you in many ways to submit a solid mitigation plea. Some examples include: highlighting hardships that caused the offender to commit the offence, any medical conditions that you might have(mental or physical), getting evidence of your cooperation with the authorities, any acts of remorse(charitable activities, community work). Your lawyer may also highlight your potential for rehabilitation and reformation, any contributions to society, and appeal to the judge for a lighter sentence on your behalf. Contact Us to find out how we can help you in your mitigation plea.

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Why Choose IRB Law?

IRB Law is one of the very few select Law Firms in Singapore with a specialized team of dedicated Criminal Lawyers. We have handled thousands of criminal cases, which is why we will be able to advise you on the best course of action for your situation. Our team will go all our for your case, and we will ensure you get the best possible result which is fair and just for yourself.

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How We Handle Your Case (Step by Step)

Taking Instruction

Our Lawyers will meet  with you for a free consultation to formulate a strategy that suits your case and situation.

Assesment Of Case

After consulting with you, your lawyers will assess your situation and do their research on the best way to fight your case.

Planning Defense Strategy

Once we’ve fully assessed your case, it’s time to plan a strategy that will get the best outcome possible for you. This part will require full involvement from you.

Negotiations With Prosecution

One of our strategies is to start negotiations with the prosecution on your behalf. Using the information we’ve gathered during our research and investigation, we will write to the prosecution to get your charges reduced or dropped, if possible.

Mitigation Plea

In some cases, the prosecution may allow you to plead guilty in exchange for a lesser charge, in order to save time and resources. When this happens, we will start to execute your mitigation strategy, and present them to the court.

Trial In Court

As far as possible, we will try to avoid going to trial. However, if the circumstances force a trial, our team will go all our to present the evidence and ensure you get a fair trial, while protecting you the best we can.

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