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Many people are hesitant when planning for the succession of their estates. We understand that it can be hard for some to admit that they will not be around for as long as they want to look after their family and their loved ones. However, planning for the future and financial affairs is very important. Drafting a Will and Testament is the only way to ensure that all real estate and personal property will be bequeathed (given away) accordingly and as desired upon death.


That is why at I.R.B Law, our team of experienced and dedicated Singapore Will lawyers are ready to assist you. Our extensive experience in drafting Singapore Wills and testaments will ensure that should anything ever happen to you, you will be assured that your loved ones will be taken care of.


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Under the Wills Act, a Will devises, bequeaths or disposes of one’s real estate and personal estate according to the deceased’s wishes. Without a Will, the State can distribute one’s property according to the Intestate Succession Act.

Anyone over the age of 21 can create a legally binding Will. We recommend that everyone leave some form of last Will and testament, not just those with substantial monetary or property assets. Will-writing does not cost much and requires only a little amount of time so there is no reason not to plan ahead. It is crucial for individuals to plan for their families futures once they are gone, and Will-writing is the best possible way to do so.

Will drafting is an intimate matter as it will have a considerable effect on the lives of other people. Though all Wills are different there are some key elements that must be present when a person is drafting out a Will.

1. The Will writer or Testator must state clearly that he is making his Will;

2. He must clearly identify himself;

3. A statement of “Last Will & Testament” and a revocation of any previous wills must be present. This is to avoid any conflict that was made from an earlier made Will;

4. Statement of his distributions of his assets to his beneficiaries who can be identified by accurate descriptions;

5. Appointment of an executor, trustee or guardian of infant children if any;

6. Will writer’s signatures not just at the end of the Will but also at the end of every page/folio of the whole of the Will.

7. He must date the Will on the date he signed the Will.

8. The Will requires two (2) witnesses to the Will writer’s signature, to be valid. These
witnesses must be present at the same time that he signs off on the Will.

1) Jointly Owned Properties

Properties registered under the Land Titles Act will fall under the purview of Civil
Law and as such, the right to the property will be passed on to the surviving joint
owner upon their death as seen in Shafeeg bin Salim Talib v Fatimah bte Abud

2) Nominated CPF Money

In the event that the deceased has made a CPF nomination in favor of someone else,
the CPF money will solely belong to the nominee.

3) Life Insurance Payouts

Under section 73 of the Conveyancing and Law of Property Act, life insurance policies of a deceased person do not form part of their estate. These policies would belong to the people that the deceased named as their nominees.

What we can do to help

Without a Will, the Interstate Succession Act gives the Singapore Government authority to redistribute your personal assets upon your death. This distribution may not necessarily reflect the desire of the deceased.

It is worth nothing that nothing prevents a person from writing their own last Will and Testament. However, when doing so the person must keep in mind that should the Will have ambiguity or conflicting clauses in the distribution of the assets, the Will may become the subject of costly litigation. The legalities of how assets can be distributed vary based on marital status and surviving relatives which makes navigating these legalities on your own tricky. At I.R.B Law, we make Will-writing a breeze by providing professional advice and ensuring the Will written is clear and conforms with the law, thus reducing the chances of it being contested.

In addition to dictating how assets are to be distributed and appointing an executor, Will writing services can also help people to clarify funeral arrangements. This is important for those who feel strongly about how their remains should be handled, such as whether it should be cremated or buried. Leaving behind a clear indication of how final affairs are to be settled can help to remove some of the stress of funeral planning, allowing grieving loved ones to focus on recovering during the challenging period. Let us handle the nitty gritty details of administering the will.

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I.R.B. Law is recognised as a team of leading Singapore lawyers with a track record of success in handling and advising matters related to will drafting. Our lawyers have over a century of a combined experience as lawyers and are ready to assist you with your will. Should you be in a position where you may need our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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