Abdul Wahab

Abdul Wahab

Associate, Advocate & Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore (2015)

Key Practice Areas
Civil Law
Family Law
Syariah Law
Islamic Estates and financial matters
Wills and probate
Criminal law
Corporate Law

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I want to thank Mr Wahab for everything that he has done for me in my divorce matter and I am happy that I got the custody of my child.NOKHONGS TANYACHA, 29 September 2017
We have engaged Mr Abdul Wahab l.R.B.LAW LLP for our Son’s visa matters. Mr Abdul Wahab I.R.B. LAW LLP did explain to us the terms and conditions for the above matter with regards to ICA. He was also professional and pleasant in attending to us. Although the matter is still in progress with ICA, we would like to thank Mr Abdul Wahab I.R.B. LAW LLP and his staff for all the help and guidance rendered. We hope Mr Abdul Wahab I.R.B LAW LLP and staff will still be assisting us in securing a Long Term Visa for our Son. Thank you.Abdul Kader Maricar, 29 September 2017
I was at desperate times seeking for a good lawyer, one who could fully understand what I really need in this legal assistance to my case. I had seek various advise until I have met Abdul Wahab who is a committed and professional lawyer with human touch. The consultancy was direct to the point, he could understand what did I really needed, he listens and offered professional advise instead of just working to instructions. He understands the anxiety of his client, replies to my multiple doubts and follows-up on case progression personally, which made me felt relief engaging him as my representing lawyer. The case is now closed with the best desired outcome. Thank You.Joan, 8 September 2017
“When I fell out with my siblings over my late father’s will, Mr Wahab was my pillar of strength. He helped to ensure that I was given my fair entitlement as written in the will, but at the same time, he managed to convince my siblings to accept this entitlement. Mr Wahab was a great mediator between us, and helped to keep the situation under control. I have nothing but the greatest gratitude to him for helping my family through this difficult time.”Ms Peh Y.H.
1) Wahab had been a good advisor throughout my case. He had given many options for me to make proper decisions. 2) the divorce was acceptable thanks to his support and guidance 3) the custody was inevitably given to the defendant but somehow it is predictable restricted to 4) overall, Wahab had provided essential advises to my case. A helpful and unique lawyer. Thank you!Ang De Ming
Dear Mr Wahab, I thank you for your service. I am unsure of how long does the probate matter takes but the handling of my late father’s probate was done smoothly. You went beyond the job scope to advice and help me on the LTA matter. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.MUHAMMAD FARID BIN MASWARI
Dear sir/ Madam , You have been such a great attorney to me for the years and I really lucked out the day I walked into your office. Am very happy to appreciate and be gratitude to you for your kind help. I want to thank you for your affectionate guidance, for your understanding and your service. Once again my hearty thanks for you, who made my rest of the life peaceful. Thank you!!!Arumugam Thangavel
Dear Mr Baiross, Mr Wahab and Mr Raja, I am happy to share that I have collected back all my outstanding from my debtor (renovation contractor) by today. I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent service provided to me by I.R.B. Law LLP. During the legal proceedings, Mr. Baiross and Mr Wahab listened and absorbed details of my case and my opinion and then made convincing recommendations and decisions. I am pleased with I.R.B. Law LLP’s service and everything has been answered in a timely manner. I had exhausted all my resources, lost my money and had no where else to turn until I got a hold of I.R.B. Law LLP through my relative Mr Raja who is also with I.R.B. Law LLP as Client Manager. I may not be the “most profitable client” of yours due to my financial situation but I can confidently tell you this.. I am your “most grateful client” and that comes from my heart. I would absolutely recommend I.R.B. Law LLP to family and friends. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Baiross and his I.R.B. Law LLP to anyone in need of their legal process. I am very pleased with the quality, responsiveness and extensive legal expertise of Mr Baiross. At last, words cannot describe how grateful I am to you and I.R.B. Law LLP for taking my case. Here’s best wishes that your profession brings satisfaction, and pride to you always. Good luck.. Hope everything turns out to be simply great for you! Thanks for everything.. With regards,Thirumurugan Selvadurai
Mr Wahab made the divorce process smooth and hassle-free, with no hiccups or major setbacks–although I did expect to receive the final judgement sooner but that’s alright. All in all, I am satisfied with the service provided. Thank you.Vithyavathy Naidu
As an attorney, Mr Wahab was compassionate, helpful & attentive to my legal information needs. Thanks you.Salinawati Binte Subee
How can I said in one word huh excellent good job and tks to you(Leela) Wahab and Jovita for everything. Take care.BASIR AHMAD S/O ALLAPITCHAY
Mr Wahab was our beacon of hope when we could not find a lawyer who could really understand what I really need. He is a very professional, knowledgeable, and will fight to make sure his client are taken care of. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking an excellent lawyer. Thanks you , I am sure this is more than I could have gotten on my own. Definitely so I am happy about that.Juriah Binte Abdul Wahid
am very honoured to engaged Mr Abdul Wahab as my lawyer. He is very good and efficient. I am happy with the result and got the best outcome of my divorce proceeding. Thank you.Rasoolan Kamal John Shanavash Khan
To : Mr Abd Wahab/Mr Fadli/secretary Leela & the rest team members: —————————————- On behalf of my family, I would like to xpress our heartfelt thank you for the service that you & your team had rendered on our behalf. The handling of our late father’s will & case were perfectly done. We were completely dazzled by your courage & communication skills. We are greatful that you & your team had took all the stress & restored everything out or us. Thanks again for your help…Rohaidah Binte Md Nor
Mr Wahad service was good, fast and willing to hear me out.Premnanth S/O Suparamaniam
Mr Wahab service is good, he was very understand towards me and think about my future life & understand my past also. He has a helping mind also, I wish to him everything in success in his lifeMalathi
He is a nice & friendly lawyer. Will help u get fulfilled the clients need or wish Try his best to fight for his clientsAhamed Subahan

Mr Abdul Wahab is an associate in I.R.B. Law LLP. Before graduating from the University of Leeds with a Bachelor of Laws in 2013, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Nanyang Technological University as well as a Postgraduate Diploma of Education with Credit from the National Institute of Education. He was called to the Singapore Bar in 2015 and is currently a member of the Singapore Academy of Law and Maritime Law Association of Singapore.

Mr Abdul Wahab is an experienced litigator. Throughout his years of practice in Singapore, Mr Abdul Wahab has already accumulated a wealth of legal knowledge and expertise, handling a broad spectrum of cases in criminal as well as civil litigation, family law, Syariah law, admiralty and employment law. He is also an accomplished solicitor, with experience in corporate drafting, wills and probate, Islamic estates and finance and trust matters. He is a versatile and dedicated professional and provides effective solutions to his clients, no matter the case.

His career highlights include saving a client from a custodial sentence for negligent driving causing death of a pedestrian, winning his first appeal with costs to the Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura, and overcoming tight deadlines to win an injunction from the Singapore High Court after arguing before the esteemed Senior Judge Lai Siu Chiu.

Mr Abdul Wahab believes strongly that everyone is entitled to justice and legal representation and is fully committed to providing his clients with innovative and effective solutions. In the courtroom, he fights tirelessly to ensure a successful outcome for his clients and in consultations, he is a patient listener who understands that every client’s needs are unique. He has represented a wide range of local and international clients from all walks of life. To provide the best possible service to his clients, he is fluent in English, Tamil and Malay and is conversant in Hindi.

In his spare time, he enjoys football, jogging and swimming and when he is not in the courtroom or researching cases, likes nothing more than lying on the beach sipping coconut juice while stroking his cat.



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